12 Tips To Pitch For App Review And Email Pitch Samples

App Review Email Pitch Tips And Sample Featured Image

Getting your app featured in app review sites feels like heaven for you and your app. Your app will be discussed on the web with the same treatment like a press release but appeals more to casual readers. Who doesn't want to get that kind of promotion for your app?

But most of the time, although there are thousands of sites out there giving you the "Ultimate List of App Review Sites", only a few app owners know how to use the list properly.

Don't waste the opportunity. Let's explore how to pitch your app in top app review sites.

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ASO: 25 Quick And Awesome Tips For Better App Title

Quick Tips For Better App Titles

App title is a no-brainer. We don't need tips for app titles, right? But if you want to have an optimized and better app title, you should consider this 25 quick tips for an app title.

Imagine you have built an app that can find nearest restaurants, access it's current menu and book a table, what would you name it? What did you call to the app? While you read this post, try to apply these tips to your new restaurant finder app.

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10 Basic Things You Should Know About ASO

Basic App Store Optimization Factors

Are you a new app developer or publishers and want to learn the basics factors of mobile SEO or better known as app store optimization? I mean the very basics.

In the world of ASO, it is important to understand the basic methods and information about App Store Optimization. Failing to understand the basics may cause devastating results of your app store optimization strategy.

I believe once you know the basics, you can level up your app store optimization game which can give you better results in the future. Let's explore what are the necessary things you need to know about ASO.

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11 Epic Pre Launch Marketing Tips For Your App


What is the best way to launch your mobile app? Native ads? Doing some App Store Optimization? Social Media Marketing? Pretty scary, right? Well, fear not!

Your app launch strategy doesn't need to be complicated. Even the simplest app marketing plan can help your app on track. Remember that the primary key to great app launch is your effective overall marketing plan. Let's explore how you can make your app launch more enticing with these tips.

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