Ultimate Youtube Gamer List: Pitch Your Mobile Or Indie Game

Youtube Game List App Marketing Boost

Do you have a unique indie or mobile game?

We all know that gaming is one of the hardest niche out there. There are thousand of indie games thriving to get some sales. In the world of mobile apps, games dominate half of the charts versus all other apps in all category in terms of quantity and total gross sales.

Promoting an indie or mobile game is another problem especially in the world of mobile. There are already millions of games out there. Well, it turns out, YouTube can help boost your indie or mobile game's exposure. Here is the ultimate list of Youtubers you can pitch to review your game.

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21 Push Notifications Tips For New App Publishers

Push Notification Tips Featured Image App Marketing Boost

Do you want to engage your app users?

Use push notification; this app marketing tip is all over the web. But many small publishers and indie games don't use it. There is one reason for this; push notifications are the double-edged sword of app marketing tools.

Yes, they can quickly engage your users which can result in higher app retention rate, low abandon rate and more. But one mistake and your app users are done. Here are some tips to help you use push notifications efficiently for your app marketing.

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6 Steps To Craft App Store Description That Converts [Inforgraphic]

6 Steps To Craft App Description Featured Image

App store description is one of the most important parts of your app profile. Optimizing your app description can directly improve your conversion and can also help your app rank.

Many new mobile app developers are overlooking the opportunity and the advantage of having solid app store description. I have seen some apps that have an inadequate app description that doesn't even connects and persuades their potential app user. So here, let's take a look how to craft a better app description:

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How To Handle Negative App User Reviews

Handling Negative App Review

After all of your hard work to push app rankings, applying app marketing strategies, and doing hour-long app store optimization you see a very disappointing app user review.

Almost all mobile developers hate getting negative app user reviews. It destroys your app's reputation, app's on-page ASO and it just looks awful. But if we only look it on a different aspect and perspective, we might a see the silver lining. So before you guys throw stuff because of negative user reviews, here are some tips how to handle them.

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Influencer Marketing For Your App: How And Why

Influencer Marketing App Marketing

So, you want to get your app featured on several websites huh? Sure, a simple press release that costs dollars for your app can do it for you in seconds but do they convert?

Let me suggest you something better to get your app featured on your best and favorite websites. It's called Influencer Marketing, it's not new but is very effective. It is not that simple, but once you've done it well, you can take your app marketing to the next level.

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23 Free Ways To Find New Keywords For Your App

Free Ways To Find Keywords For Your App Featured Image

Don't know what keywords to use or struggling to find new keyword idea for your app?

Doing keyword research for your app costs money. You can just hire an expert or agency or do it yourself but not all mobile developers or publisher have that amount of money.

Doing keyword research without a budget is difficult especially if you don't know where to start. Well, you're dead wrong! Here are some few online tools and methods you can use to find keywords for your app.

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