Free Tools To Promote Your App And Game On Social Media

10 Free Tools To Promote Your App And Game On Social Media

Do you want to promote your app on various social media sites with zero budget but don’t know what the right tools are? Here, take a look at this list of no-cost tools that you can use to promote your app.

Social media marketing isn’t new. Social media marketing is one of the new ways to reach out and engage more fans while also building relationship and trust with your app users. Imagine reaching those untapped target users that might be interested in using your app.

One thing, though, social media marketing isn’t as easy as it looks like but luckily some few free tools can help you promote your app on social media. So let’s discover ten tools to improve your app and game awareness on social media.

Social Media Management:

#1 HootSuite

HootSuite Logo

The “holy grail” of free social media tools.

Yep, you read it right. For me, HootSuite is one of the best social media tools out there right now. Oh, suddenly a barrage of great words!

How HootSuite Can Help Us Promote Our App?

HootSuite is one of the best tools that can you help you to promote your app on popular social media networks.

HootSuite can feed streams of posts, schedule your social media posts, can be used as customer relationship management (CRM) tools and more, all for zero costs which is perfect from small to thriving app entrepreneurs.

Back when I was used to having few apps on Google Play, HootSuite is one of the tools makes my tasks easier. But HootSuite isn’t perfect, there are some “isn’t that great” features, and some are tools are just better for some aspects. So, I made this little and quick pros and cons of HootSuite:



First of all, it’s free! It offers basic “free” account which allows you to connect up to 3 social media accounts. This perfect if you just want to try HootSuite, you will lose absolutely nothing for trying it out.

Access to major social networks

For using HootSuite, I have access on all of my three major social media account in one dashboard, for free. HootSuite can also be connected to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, WordPress, Instagram, YouTube. By connecting your social media networks, you can control them right there on the HootSuite dashboard.


HootSuite Stream

This what makes HootSuite special for me, for their “stream” feature. So, after you connected your major social media accounts, you have the ability to show the live feed or “stream” of your social media straight on the dashboard.

Aside from that, you can choose from the available selection which feeds you want to show on your HootSuite dashboard. There is a lot of things you can do with streams so be sure to check and play it out.


The interface, dashboard and the way you schedule posts, are all good looking. There is also handy, reload button which allows you to automatically or manually refresh the streams.

The streams are also organized by tabs, and you can also personalize the size of streams.

Automatic Scheduling

Scheduling or managing your posts is easy as pie. You can tweak it under the settings and choose what day of the week, posts between the time of the day and the maximum post per day. Using HootSuite’s auto scheduling will make managing social media profiles easier than ever.

App Directory

So, what the hell is this? I think this is also one of the unique features of HootSuite. App directory is like “add-ons” for your account. There are apps to integrate accounts like DropBox, Google Drive, MailChimp, Flickr, StumbleUpon, Vimeo, Reddit, FourSquare, BrandWatch, Storify, VK Profiles, Sina Weibo, and much more!

The majority of the app are free but also note that some of the “apps”/add-ons on HootSuite App Directory are premium or paid apps. It also depends on what you can do with these apps.

Hootlet Chrome Extension

With their Chrome extension called “Hootlet, you can share posts much easier. Hootlet is a relatively minor feature sitting there to help you schedule posts right away, but I found this very useful and time-saving.


Interface Can Be Confusing

Some people can learn this thing pretty quickly, and there are some who takes a couple of hours to get used to it. By the way, I took me few hours to completely get used to the “basics” of HootSuite.

For some starters and beginners, using HootSuite is too overwhelming and confusing.

Limited Reports

The reports for free users are pretty basic; you have typical Twitter and Facebook reports. That’s it. The “Pro” version which you can connect up to 50 social media profiles also gives you also a limited amount of report per month depending on what reports you need.

I’m not really into analytics and in fact, I always leave my social media management tool automated before (which is bad) because I don’t care that much before about the metrics.

Forced To Use is HootSuite’s URL shortener. Using default URL shortener is a big downside if you are already using another URL shortener like,,, and the others to share your links and track clicks and other metrics. It means you can’t use these URL shortener services to track your social media postings.

Premium Pricing

Honestly, their premium pricing is very affordable.

HootSuite’s pricing isn’t that bad from my perspective but the cost per month can rack up and double your expenses if you are going to use a lot of reports and premium apps. I’m not that active on social media sites (which is a bad habit, I guess), and the free basic account is enough for me and my apps before so I never really encounter any problems using their basic plan.

Site Link:

HootSuite Pro with 30-Day Free Trial (This is an affiliate link. If you end up buying a product that you found via our link, I will get a commission from the vendor as a small “thank you.”)


#2 Buffer

Another top-tier social media management tools that offer a free basic account that you can use to promote your app on social media. Buffer is one of the best and prettiest tools regarding usability. The interface is very easy to learn and have a very neat design.

What makes Buffer interesting is it allows you to connect one social media profile on each available social media sites. So it’s five accounts in total, one account for Twitter, one for Facebook, one for Google Plus, one for LinkedIn, and another one for Instagram.

HootSuite and Buffer are pretty similar regarding other features like analytics, auto scheduling, and having a chrome extension. You are also forced to use their URL shortener.

Site Link: Buffer


Design And Visuals:

#3 Fotor

For me, Fotor is simply one of the best online graphic design platforms I’ve ever used, hands down. I’ve always wanted to try new and useful products, and when Fotor contacted me, I jumped at the opportunity to do a quick honest review.

What Is Fotor?

What the heck is Fotor? You may probably saw or hear about them before. But in case you didn’t browse on App Store or Play Store too much, Fotor is one of the most downloaded photo editing apps in the world and among the top photography apps in the U.S (since 2013, Fotor has been dancing around from number 1 – 2 position for Photography category in the U.S)

How Fotor Can Help Us Promote Our App?

Visuals like images, photos, videos, and GIFs are a great addition to boost your social media marketing campaigns. Researchers found out that colored visuals can increase people’s will to read a piece of content for up to 80%. Tweets using “” are also 94% more likely to be retweeted.

Twitter Stats Images by Dan

Images can help drive interest, social awareness, acquire new users and more. You can use images to sustain interest and to engage your fans. You can also use visual contents to keep your social media relevant with current news, trends, holidays, and events.

I suggest reading this awesome article from Fotor’s blog about how to maximize social media marketing: Social Media Marketing 101: 3 Methods to Maximize your Marketing with Social Media (and how you can do it too!)

Fotor Versus Canva

To make this easier, we will compare Fotor to one of the most popular online graphic design platform and a powerhouse brand, Canva. So let’s make a quick side-by-side comparison.

Fotor Versus Canva Free Templates

Fotor Versus Canva 1

Fotor Versus Canva 2


For me, Canva and Fotor have their own different forte; Canva is perfect for creating a classic and informative social media posts while Fotor is the best graphic design tool for creating creative, engaging, attractive, appealing, and highly-personalized images. Here, I made quick pros and cons about Fotor:



Fotor Sticker 1

Beautiful, unique designs to improve your social media posts.

So instead of the typical clipart like from Canva where you have a random set of icons to make your images engaging, Fotor have something different, they have “stickers” instead of clipart. It’s a clipart but far better regarding design and creativity. These designs are top-notch, appealing and most of all engaging. Here are the few examples of Fotor’s stickers:


The dashboard is pretty neat, and I like it.

I’ve used few online graphic tools before, and I’m pretty impressed with Fotor’s Dashboard on how responsive and snappy it is. In my opinion, their dashboard is better than Canva. There is also a lot of useful tools upfront to help you create images faster and better.

The default interface is a bit dark though to match the theme of their website. If you don’t like it somehow, you can choose the lighter theme on the lower right corner.

Easy Drag And Drop Editor

Both Fotor and Canva are beginner friendly with their easy drag and drop feature. But what makes Fotor still better than Canva is its “Lock” feature where you can quickly lock and unlock images, stickers, and other graphics. This feature is helpful for me as I’m clumsy and sometimes clicks and moves the wrong selection. It’s a great relief to have this kind of feature.

Incredible Templates

Fotor Sample Templates

Fotor’s templates are just stunning.

Most of their templates are stylish and unique. There are a handful of templates you can use on different occasions, holidays, and events. Using their pre-made templates will be a great addition to your social media marketing.


Of course, you know Fotor is offering “free” basic account but their premium account or what they call “Fotor Pro” is affordable compared to Canva. This article focuses more on free tools, but if you really love Fotor, you can upgrade your basic account to pro account for as low as $3.33/month which also includes all the features of photo editing, collage maker, and graphic design tool. That’s a great steal BTW.


Lack of Basic Icons and Clipart

Fotor’s “sticker” is great and awesome but as a blogger, this is a downside for me as I use a lot of common and notable icons on my images. I have to import my icon packs in able to do use them on my images. I hope they would add a basic set of icons in their next updates.

Lack of Heading and Subheading options

This is another minor problem I encountered using Fotor. Although I can just resize the text, I prefer having a nice heading, subheading, and standard text size button. Again, it’s just a minor problem and can be easily mended right away.

Site Link: Fotor

#4 Canva

Canva Logo App Marketing Boost

Of course, Canva.

I would like to go quick here because I already mention them earlier and used as the comparison to Fotor.

Canva a great graphic design tool, especially for beginners. Canva is probably the most recommended graphic design tool with their easy interface and beautiful graphics. You can make your own image confidently and you can instantly use them to your social media campaign. Another great thing about Canva is, its selection of design is massive. There are a lot of icons, clipart, frames, illustrations, and stock photos you can use.

Canva’s interface is also easy to use with their drop and drag feature. I encountered some bugs with the interface before when browsing clipart and making an infographic, but I don’t count that as a downside.

Site Link: Canva


Social Media Metrics/Analytics Tools:

A quick reminder, HootSuite has a built in very basic Twitter and Facebook analytics and reports included in their “free” basic account. If you are going to use HootSuite, be sure to check their free analytics to avoid using another analytics tool.

#5 FollowerWonk

FollowerWonk is made by the guys on Moz. If you are doing some social media marketing campaign or influencer marketing on Twitter, FollowerWonk will be handy for you. You can easily find and analyze users whether it’s an influencer, competitor, customer, fans, etc.

You can all see some useful analytics like the total number of tweets, following, followers, days old, and Moz’s Social Authority metrics. FollowerWonk will be very useful when doing influencer marketing or blogger outreach to promote your app. Here is the example result of App Marketing Boost’s Twitter account:

FollowerWonk App Marketing Boost Example

What is Social Authority?

Why not Moz themselves explain what is their Social Authority metrics about and how it can help your app on its social media campaigns. So here are a copy-pasted words directly from Moz:

Social Authority helps you find, optimize, and engage your Twitter audience. It’s a 1 to 100 point scale that measures a user’s influential content on Twitter.

Social Authority is composed of:

  • The retweet rate of users’ last few hundred tweets

  • The recency of those tweets

  • A retweet-based model trained on user profile data

If you like to know more about Moz’s Social Authority metrics, you can find out and read more here: “Social Authority: Our Measure of Twitter Influence.”

Site Link: FollowerWonk


#6 TweetChup

TweetChump Logo

TweetChup is another free and easy analytics tool for Twitter. You can quickly analyze your connections, users, and keywords on Twitter. The interface is very easy to use which is perfect for beginners out there. TweetChup is currently in beta, although I don’t encounter any bugs yet, don’t be surprised if there are some bugs or errors on the interface.

Here are some features of TweetChup:

  • How many mentions and retweets did you get.
  • Users you are most engaged with.
  • Interactive map with locations of users mentioned you.
  • Insights on user’s activities within a specific date range.
  • User retweets/replies to/mentions most.
  • Hashtags a user used most.
  • User’s most retweeted/favorited tweets.
  • Days of the week and hours of the day a user sends tweets most.
  • Insights on tweets containing specific keywords/hashtag/user mention.
  • Stats on users mentioned keywords.
  • Interactive map with locations of users mentioned keywords.
  • Hashtags most used within tweets containing keywords.
  • Tweetchup is mobile/tablet/laptop friendly. You can use it from any device you’re comfortable with.

Keyword Hashtag Analysis

What I love the most is their keyword/hashtag analysis tool. TweetChup analyzes up to 1600 recent tweets containing the keywords. This will be very useful to optimize your posts and to target specific audiences. You can see what are the most popular hashtags used, which you can target on your next posts. Here is a quick example of most popular hashtags used for the keyword “Android”:
TweetChump Hashtag Keyword Usage
Site Link: TweetChup

Social Media Monitoring Tools:

A quick reminder, again, HootSuite can also use as a social media monitoring tool with their “Stream” feature (+1 to HootSuite, the Holy Grail of free SMM tool). Using HootSuite’s streams will be useful as you are updated with the latest feed on your social media profiles and other websites.

#7 SocialMention

SocialMention Logo

SocialMention is a social media search and analysis platform that aggregates user-generated content from across the universe into a single stream of information. You can easily track and monitor your social mentions across 100+ social media networks including Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Digg, YouTube, Google, FriendFeed, PhotoBucket,, Topix and more.

Site Link: SocialMention

#8 EpicBeat

EpicBeat Landpage Image

One of the best free content and social media listening tools.

EpicBeat is a great tool to find and analyze trends, articles, influencers and their engagements. You can search any topics or website and see relevant contents being published across the web.

You can see the content’s total social media engagements, content format (article, e-book, video, images, podcast, etc.), and content type (guide, how-to, listicle, guest post, etc.). You can also monitor and curate contents by category on their “Monitor” tab.

Site Link: EpicBeat

#9 Google Trends

This list cannot be completed without mentioning Google Trends.

Google Trends is a perfect tool to keep updated on latest and upcoming trend in various regions of the world or around the world. It’s using real-time data on everything searched on the internet. Publishing social media posts about relevant happenings around the world will boost targeted user’s engagement.

Imagine you suddenly hearing less about mobile marketing; you can search those terms to Google Trends and see what’s is their activity. BTW, you can see that the “mobile marketing” term is declining over five years.

Google Trends Mobile Marketing

Site Link: Google Trends

#10 CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

First of all, this tool is made to help bloggers and writers to have better titles, but you can still use it to have a better contents for your social media posts.

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer will score your overall headline quality. They will use proven methods to analyze your headline’s quality like words and character count, and also having the right balance of common, uncommon, emotional, and power words in your headlines.

Having a better title for your social media posts will help you to promote your app better on social media while also boosting your click-through-rate for your social media marketing campaigns. Here is the analysis of Headline Analyzer for this article’s title:

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer App Marketing Boost

Note: Since you are using it to make titles on social media and not a blog post. So, having a score slightly lower than suggested quality might be enough and is tolerable.

Site Link: CoSchedule Headline Analyzer


Social media marketing is one of the few marketing methods to promote your app. It is a great addition to your overall app marketing plan. While these ten tools can’t boost your app user base to the top, it will help you to manage your social media accounts easier, promote your app better, and have better insights on your campaigns all with zero-cost tools.

If you like this article, please do share and subscribe to my email list. If you have any thoughts, suggestions or addition, you can use the comment section down below. Thank you very much, guys.

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