13 Common Technical Issues Mobile App Users Hate

Common Technical Issues App Users Hate

Why did your app users leave and abandon your app?

Your plan should focus more on app retention than app acquisition these days as it's getting more difficult than ever. Back in the earliest days of app marketing, publishers and developers focus more on acquiring new users. The problem is, most of them can't retain their users.

But why users leave? Although there could be a lot of reasons why users were abandoning your app, the most common one is something to do with some technical issues and errors. So let's check this ten common technical problems that annoy your app users.

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21 Push Notifications Tips For New App Publishers

Push Notification Tips Featured Image App Marketing Boost

Do you want to engage your app users?

Use push notification; this app marketing tip is all over the web. But many small publishers and indie games don't use it. There is one reason for this; push notifications are the double-edged sword of app marketing tools.

Yes, they can quickly engage your users which can result in higher app retention rate, low abandon rate and more. But one mistake and your app users are done. Here are some tips to help you use push notifications efficiently for your app marketing.

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How To Handle Negative App User Reviews

Handling Negative App Review

After all of your hard work to push app rankings, applying app marketing strategies, and doing hour-long app store optimization you see a very disappointing app user review.

Almost all mobile developers hate getting negative app user reviews. It destroys your app's reputation, app's on-page ASO and it just looks awful. But if we only look it on a different aspect and perspective, we might a see the silver lining. So before you guys throw stuff because of negative user reviews, here are some tips how to handle them.

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