How To Automate Social Media Marketing For Your App Using Free HootSuite

Social Media Automation With HootSuite App Marketing Boost

Want to promote your app or game on social media?

Social media is one of the best channels to raise app awareness and to promote your app. Sadly, managing social media accounts is a time-wasting process. It requires a lot of time to update and find contents to share with your fans and audience.

Luckily, we can use this awesome social media management tool called HootSuite. Here, I made a 5 step guide to help you use and automate your social media

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10 Free Tools To Promote Your App And Game On Social Media

Free Tools To Promote Your App And Game On Social Media

Want to promoting your app on various social media sites with zero budget but don't know what the right tools are? Here, take a look at this list of no-cost tools that you can use to promote your app.

Social media marketing isn't new. Social media marketing is one of the new ways to reach out and engage more fans while also building relationship and trust with your app users. Imagine reaching those untapped target users that might be interested in using your app.

One thing, though, social media marketing isn't as easy as it looks like but luckily some few free tools can help you promote your app on social media. So let's discover ten tools to improve your app and game awareness on social media.

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30 Do’s and Don’ts When Pitching for App Review

Dos And Donts For App Review Pitch

So, you are about to send an email pitch of app review request?

Stop right there! Don't waste your shot and lower your chance getting featured on app review sites and other popular publication sites, and read this do's and don't checklist first. Check out this list to avoid making some common email pitch mistakes and to improve your overall relation with the app reviewer, journalists, and influencers.

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Ultimate Youtube Gamer List: Pitch Your Mobile Or Indie Game

Youtube Game List App Marketing Boost

Do you have a unique indie or mobile game?

We all know that gaming is one of the hardest niche out there. There are thousand of indie games thriving to get some sales. In the world of mobile apps, games dominate half of the charts versus all other apps in all category in terms of quantity and total gross sales.

Promoting an indie or mobile game is another problem especially in the world of mobile. There are already millions of games out there. Well, it turns out, YouTube can help boost your indie or mobile game's exposure. Here is the ultimate list of Youtubers you can pitch to review your game.

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Influencer Marketing For Your App: How And Why

Influencer Marketing App Marketing

So, you want to get your app featured on several websites huh? Sure, a simple press release that costs dollars for your app can do it for you in seconds but do they convert?

Let me suggest you something better to get your app featured on your best and favorite websites. It's called Influencer Marketing, it's not new but is very effective. It is not that simple, but once you've done it well, you can take your app marketing to the next level.

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12 Tips To Pitch For App Review And Email Pitch Samples

App Review Email Pitch Tips And Sample Featured Image

Getting your app featured in app review sites feels like heaven for you and your app. Your app will be discussed on the web with the same treatment like a press release but appeals more to casual readers. Who doesn't want to get that kind of promotion for your app?

But most of the time, although there are thousands of sites out there giving you the "Ultimate List of App Review Sites", only a few app owners know how to use the list properly.

Don't waste the opportunity. Let's explore how to pitch your app in top app review sites.

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