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12 Tips To Pitch For App Review And Email Pitch Samples

Getting your app featured in app review sites feels like heaven for you and your app. Your app will be discussed on the web with the same treatment like a press release but appeals more to casual readers. Who doesn’t want to get that kind of promotion for your app?

But most of the time, although there are thousands of sites out there giving you the “Ultimate List of App Review Sites”, only a few app owners know how to use the list properly.

Don’t waste the opportunity. Let’s explore how to pitch your app in top app review sites.

How To Get Your App Featured On Review Sites?

So you want your app to be famous, popular and viral, and one of your strategy that was listed in your app marketing plan was to get featured on popular sites. Probably, getting your app featured on individual sites is one of the best app promotion methods especially when doing pre launch app marketing.

What’s great about these channels are they have different target audiences that you can use to sky-rocket your app’s visibility. But how do you get your app featured on those sites?

These are few ways to get your app featured. From native advertising, press release, influencer marketing, free and paid app review submission and much more.

Pitching For App Reviews Doesn’t Work!

What?! Pitch for an app review? That is the lamest thing to do! I know some of you already tried to pitch their app on those “app review sites” but didn’t get anything. No response, no reply, no review.

I will not argue with this kind of problems. These are editors, writers, and bloggers who have different commitments and have very busy schedule. But sometimes you just need to reconsider that there is something wrong about your app review email pitch.

12 Tips To Improve Your App Review Email Pitch

#1 Use Sweet Subject Line

Sweet IceCream App Marketing Boost

Crave them to open your email! Make it short and use power words. 50 characters for the subject line should be enough.

One of your first problems is that people judge the book by its cover and for a human who receives hundreds of emails per day, they will naturally improve their own scanning skills to filter uninteresting emails.

Use captivating and engaging subject line for your app review pitch without being too informal. One of the most common phrase (and somewhat effective) subject line is: “Please Consider Our App For Review.”

Everyone on the internet learns how to scan contents anyway; I wonder how many of my readers read all of my article plus my poor grammar, they will surely just scan my contents.

#2 Personalization


The best way to send your email straight to writer’s trash folder? Send them in bulk and overused capitalization.

Crafting Personalize Emails

Can we agree that app templates don’t work most of the time?

Editors, writers, and bloggers that make review apps and open for free submissions are tired of the same “email pitch template” that has been used numerous times by app developers and publishers. They are sick of the same emails and same phrases they receive every day.

#3 Use Personal Email Address

When sending an app review pitch, or any other type of email pitch. Use a more personable email address and avoid an email address that feels like from automated sender.

Avoid using email addresses like “[email protected]”, “[email protected]”, “[email protected]”, “[email protected]” or any other similar email addresses.

#4 Keep It Relevant

Even your app can save the world but you keep sending it to the wrong recipients which covers a particular niche, your app might still get rejected.

For example, your app has something to do with sports, let’s say your app updates its users for latest basketball results, but you send it to a pet-related website, you should expect your app will get rejected.

I’m not saying that you should only “pitch” an apple only in the basket for apples but you should also try your luck in bananas and oranges cause they still in the “fruit” category. Always send your app review pitch to relevant reviews sites will save you time.

#5 Keep It Short As You Can

Get to the point!

Cut the fake compliments, buzzwords and spammy introduction like “I like your blog”, “I love reading your app reviews”, “I’m a big fan of your site.” Seriously, no one believes that.

You only have at least ten seconds to capture writer’s attention (some read less than that). Be clear and straight to the point. Make it easy to read for writers; you can use bullets and numbered lists if you want to break down the features of your app. You can also use white spaces to split those wall of text.

#6 Keep It Clean

Make your emails less graphical.

Avoid using background images, design templates, sloppy HTML codes or big images (don’t use images in the first place) to customize your emails. You are not sending it to your school crush; please be professional.

#7 Links, Press Kit and Pricing

Include links not attachments.

Product links, company links, links to your attachments, landing page etc.

Once you engage the app reviewers, they will now look for your materials like links to your press kit, App Store and Google Play page, app landing page or website, screenshots, videos and more. You should also highlight the links and if possible, don’t put it inside your block of text. Also, make sure you optimize your on-page ASO assets.

Also don’t forget to mention whether your app is free or paid and it’s price.

Why Shouldn’t You Put An Attachment In Your Email Pitch?

It’s very simple; it slows them down.

Writers, journalists, editors, reviewers receive a lot of emails every day and then here comes your email pitch for your app with attachments. They hate it; Like they were obliged to open those documents, images or videos which can change their life. What’s even worse? People keep giving them your attachments in a format they can’t see on their sites.

#8 Never Demand Anything

Demanding App Review

Don’t abuse the writers and you should never demand anything or make them feel like they should do something for your because of certain reasons.

Like a particular outcome of the review, deadline or exact publishing date. Writers and bloggers have different commitments, day jobs and have different lives outside their blog. It might be great for pre-launch app marketing but if you push them more to write about your app, the more they will reject you and tell you to forget about the review you requesting.

If you still didn’t get any response for weeks, you can “kindly” follow up your email pitch.

#9 Know When To Send Follow Up Email

Is there a right time to follow up your request? How to “kindly” follow up your email pitch?

I think it depends on what type of website and writer you are targeting to get a review of your app.

If the site doesn’t post new contents for more than weeks or month, the writer may be busy but with that time frame he already received and read your email so don’t remind them about that.

One other scenario, the response can be longer if the site you are requesting for an app review is doing app news and other daily activities on their websites. Your app might be already scheduled their posts in the whole week or month, and your app review is already in the drafts.

Important Tip: Don’t remind them that you sent them an email a week ago or something like that. It’s one of the worst, and it’s somewhat pushy.

Don’t send follow up emails the same as the letter you pitch before. You can tell them that you are willing to help them if they are having a hard time reviewing your app.

#10 Don’t Pitch On Twitter

Twitter Direct Message Spam

Twitter and Facebook are great tools for building a relationship and contacting influencers, but I think if you are making some inquiries, it is best to follow and use their contact page.

LinkedIn and other business related social media platforms have an exception to this, as those are specifically made to ease the process to connect you with business people.

#11 Ask For Feedback Instead 

Whatever the outcome, accept it and thank the reviewer, even it was rejected.

If your app doesn’t get considered, you can ask for personal feedback instead but never expect for their reply. It might not help you to promote your app, but it will improve your app marketing strategy in general and will definitely help you whenever you are ready to pitch again for other publication or review sites.

Poor email pitch is one of the biggest reasons why your app is not getting reviewed. But most of the time, some apps may not appeal to specific websites or the reviewers have more important matters. Some also land in the spam section.

#12 Test Your Email

Test it and have a second eye to look into it.

Check it on different email accounts, different browsers, different devices, and different screen sizes. It will prevent some grammatical errors, design blunders and avoid your email going straight to the spam folder.

Crafting Your Email Pitch For App Review

What makes email pitch important is, most of the time you only have one shot to getting your app on their website. Screw that chance and you lost that opportunity to be featured in thousands of their audience.

Here is a very informative infographic from App Design Vault. I don’t recommend how wordy their sample in this infographic but the tips and pointers are useful.

Take this infographic as your handout when pitching app review sites to getting your app reviews.

App Review Pitch Infographic


6 Examples Of Great App Review Pitch

Here are some great examples of email pitch for your app where you want to get inspiration. Reminder: Although this templates are superb, don’t just copy and paste it. As I already stated, personalize your emails.

#1 The first example is from Paul Sawers (The Next Web). This email pitch is clear, very professional and will appeal for large publication sites.

Hi [First Name],

I’m [full name], founder of a London-based startup called [name + link to website], and I think you may be interested in our new product. We’ve developed a GPS-powered app that helps drivers instantly see how much they’re spending on petrol with each journey they make, and whilst there are similar apps out there (e.g. xxx and xxx), this is the first time an app has been created that uses up-to-date, real-time data from local service stations around the world.

We are releasing the Android version next week, and we expect the iOS version to be approved shortly after. I’ve attached a few screenshots of what the app looks like, and here’s a link to a video that demos exactly how it works.

I thought I’d give you first refusal to review this app before contacting other publications. If you could let me know if you’re keen to learn more, I’d appreciate it.

Thanks a lot for your time.

Telephone number
Twitter Handle

#2 This second email pitch from uses bullets for easier reading but doesn’t really feels personalize. The first paragraph is a bit clunky but explains the app that serves as a mini review of that app. Still, this pitch is informative and on-point, especially with those bullets.

Subject: Collage for iPad offers photo layout fun for parties and business meetings

Having a get-together at lunch, at a conference, or in the board room? Collage provides a quick, easy, and fun way to snap and arrange photos for instant event souvenirs. This app captures images with a single tap and uses the iPad’s superb gesture control to rotate, resize, and lay out the pictures exactly the way you want. It takes just seconds to produce a one-of-a-kind collage of your event participants. Collage lets you:

  • Add, delete, and reshoot images with simple touches.
  • Interact with live video feeds in a preview photo that you manipulate.
  • Choose from an assortment of background images, including granite, a corkboard, a blackboard, etc.
  • Share by email, Twitter, Facebook, and more. Most popular social networks supported.

Collage ($2.99, iOS 6 and later) is available for sale now at the iTunes Store (link to iTunes). You can read more about it at my website (link to website).  Here is a video of Collage in action: (link to video) and a couple of screenshots follow below. Want more information? Here’s a full press kit for you to explore: (link to website).

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the app, if you’d like a promo code for review, or to schedule a time to chat with me or my developers. My contact details follow. Thank you in advance for considering my app for review,

(Your contact info)

#3 This third example is from This great email pitch sample shows how the app owner also addressed the site owner by providing her name. This is a very great addition for personalization and if reaching out bloggers. Also, watch how this pitch uses bullet form.

Hi Joan,

I’m Candy from PearlMountain Technology, a dedicated graphics software developer. I’m writing to invite you to do a review or write a piece of news for our newly-updated web app – FotoJet on your website. Your readers may be glad to know it.

FotoJet is a free online collage maker that enables users to quickly create amazing photo cards, collages and posters without the hassles of downloading or installing anything. It’s as easy as 1,2,3 to use it:

• Choose from 320+ templates for collage, photo card, poster and social media to get started.
• Add photos and freely customize the collage as you wish.
• Freely save collage as JPG/PNG or directly share it via Facebook.

Check it: (website link)
I sincerely hope you will consider reviewing our FotoJet favorably. If you need any material, please feel free to contact me. Thank you very much in advance.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

Skype: candy.rora
Facebook: FotoJet  YouTube: FotoJet

#4 This fourth app review pitch sample also comes from, which features great structure and spacing. You can’t even see a block of text that can drive journalists away.

Hi Sally,

I liked your article about 5 Top Photography Apps. Since you have covered a lot of photography apps in the past, I figured you would like to hear about Mashup.

Mashup provides a quick, easy and fun way to snap and arrange photos for instant holiday souvenirs. This free app captures images with a single tap and uses the iPad’s supers gesture control to rotate, resize and lay out the pictures exactly the way you want.

Unlike similar apps in the App store, it takes seconds to produce a one-of-a-kind mashup of your event participants. Mashup (free) is available for sale now here on iTunes (insert link) and you can read more about it at my website (link to website).

Here is a 2 min. video of Mashup in action (link to video) and a couple of screenshots are here. (link to screenshots) Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Click here to get a promo code using the Tokens app (

Thank you in advance for considering my app for a review.

James Mashup,

Email: [email protected]

Skype: mashupthisapp

Twitter: @jamesmashupapp

#5 The fifth example comes from, one of the best app marketing blogs out there. This is probably the shortest app review pitch that I saw but I think putting that launch date pressures the writer a little bit. Steve Young also dissect how this email pitch converts.

Subject Line: Zach, FitMenCook provides the one HACK to actually sticking with a diet

Hey Zach, any interest in covering this app – launching next Tuesday, 5/12?

There’s going to be a big splash about it’s in collaboration with celebrity food blogger, Kevin Curry, (-1M Instagram Followers) and provides the ONE hack to actually sticking with a diet:

Cook delicious healthy food in advance for the week.

#6 The last one is from This email pitch is very short and concise, it uses bullets and highlighted a link to his material like app website, app store and google play URL and media kit.

Hi App Factor Team

I am an indie developer and would like to introduce you the WeatherIf app for iOS. It’s a today widget witch notifications. Besides the widget it can notify any changes in the weather tomorrow. Just set up which weather condition you’d want to be notified about and that’s all.


App Store URL

Press Kit Link

I would love to provide additional details if you’re interested.



App Review Site List

Are you ready to promote and conquer the app store? Ready to submit your email for app review request but don’t know here to start? Start with our very own top app review and app promotion list!


The key to getting your app featured in any app review sites is to have a short, straight to the point, clean, informative and personalize app review email pitch. Avoid using buzzwords, a block of text, graphical design and attachments. Last but not the least, never rely on mass or bulk emails and app review email templates.

If you have any comments or feedback, please let us know in the comment section below. If you love this article, please, I beg you, share and like this article.

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