Dos And Donts For App Review Pitch

30 Do’s and Don’ts When Pitching for App Review

So, you are about to send an email pitch of app review request?

Stop right there! Don’t waste your shot and lower your chance getting featured on app review sites and other popular publication sites, and read this do’s and don’t checklist first. Check out this list to avoid making some common email pitch mistakes and to improve your overall relation with the app reviewer, journalists, and influencers.


#1 Do Know Your Audience

First and foremost, you must know your audience.

Identifying your target audience will not only save your time but also makes your pitch worth it. Doing a market research as early as you can significantly expand your knowledge about your target audience or user and will make your marketing plans better.

Ideally, you must know and study the market first before developing your app or game.


#2 Do Know “Their” Audience

Your target audience + journalist/author/influencer = It’s a match!

See if the journalist or influencer has reviewed and featured a similar app before. Try to list down all your potential authors or influencers and try to match them with your target audience. Always try to break down the list and prioritize who matches the most.

Pitching your amazing casino-related game on a mom-related influencer/website isn’t that amazing.


#3 Do Spy On Your Competitor

Spying on competitors is a mission possible.

As I already told you earlier, doing a market research “first” will make your overall marketing plan better and spying on your competitors is part of it. Studying how your competitors make their approach on the market will give you some useful insights and possibly beat the shit out of them.

A simple Google search will reveal where your competitors got featured and mentioned. I suggest prioritizing which journalist or influencer already feature or reviewed competitor and similar apps. In theory, can have more chance of getting featured, reviewed or mentioned on these people and publication sites as they already featured a similar app before.


#4 Do Focus On Subject Line

Let’s simply say that subject lines are like “app icons” in app stores. Your email pitch subject lines are an excellent way to keep journalist interested while leaving a good first impression.

Never waste your pitch and get ignored and treat your subject line as a headline. Make your subject line stand out and convincing enough for journalists to open and read it.

Although, I do not recommend it, I think you may use tricky subject lines like “fwd:,” “Reply,” “re:” or some “click-bait” subject line. You can use a different approach to this, but it can backfire.


#5 Do Start Your Sentence With A Bang

After engaging the journalist, start with a strong first sentence.

You may already make the journalist or influencer to open your email and to follow it with a robust and seductive first sentence can keep them engage. Whether introducing yourself or putting your app’s tagline, you should start with an engaging first sentence.


#6 Do Give Reference To Back Up Your Claim

Pics or didn’t happen.

Whenever you want to feature some of your achievement like winning big awards, big influencer testimonials and getting your app featured in Apple App Store and Google Play Store, always back up your claim. You can give them links to the source or image to prove it.


#7 Do Personalize Your Pitch

Never, ever try to send poorly edited email template.

Always personalize your email pitch. Customizing your email pitch will make the one you are contacting that you are sincere to what you are requesting the journalists. It’s alright to get inspiration to email templates, and samples but for god’s sake don’t use it “as is” and send it to journalists and influencers. Try to tweak it a little bit.


#8 Do Call Them By Their Name

This method is a great way to personalize your email pitch.

Calling the journalist by his/her name will make your email pitch sound more personal and sincere. This might also improve your relationship with them. Don’t miss out these simple methods to personalize your app review email pitch.


#9 Do Mind Your Word Length

The golden rule is to make your email pitch short and straightforward.

Most influential and notable journalists, influencers and publishers received over 100 emails per day. Although there isn’t any standard rules and limits for an email pitch, there are some practices you need to consider like using as short as 20 words, using between 100 to 200 words, using only 2-3 paragraphs and more.


#10 Do Watch For Reading Time

One technique to be aware of your email pitch length is to estimate your reading time.

While it doesn’t commonly suggest by the others, watching out for your email pitch reading time will significantly improve your content and word count. You will be more mindful of your word length and make sure that you have a strong pitch.

This “Reado-o-Meter” app can estimate reading time based on standard reading speed. You can check first your email pitch here and try to adjust your email pitch on your desired reading time. I think 3-4 minutes of reading time is a great and safe time frame to work.


#11 Do Highlight Your App Features

One of the best ways to cut word lengths is to use lists, bullets, and numberings. Just like in our app description tips, make sure to highlight your app features.

Highlighting your app features will make your email pitch scannable and easier to read. Also, highlighted features will also have a higher chance appearing on their app review or mention. Highlighting your app features also does writing and breaking down your app review easier for them.


#12 Do Provide Links

You don’t need to include them all, but please incorporate your relevant links.

It would be dumb to forget to add some of your relevant links like App Store and Google Play links. Other links you can include are websites, landing page, images, videos, contacts, social media profiles like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google Plus.


#13 Do Tell A Story

It doesn’t need to be the next Disney movie, but it can also affect journalists and influencers.

Most of the journalists don’t care about the story how you start up your company, but they value the goals and mission your team already and want to achieve. Although it isn’t necessary to include a story, it shows how honest and transparent you are in the business,


#14 Do Check The Spelling And Grammar Before Sending

Check your spelling and grammar.

I hate this part. I think I’m not the right person to tell you to have proper spelling and grammar because I’m not even good at it. Anyway, I hope you can still survive my articles. If somehow you like my articles, please do subscribe! LOL.


#15 Do Have A Great Formatting

Follow the “Email Etiquette” and make sure you have an excellent format.Analyze your email pitch from the overall structure of your email pitch to bullets, bold, and italics. Proper formatting will improve your content’s readability. Again, I’m not the best person

Analyze your email pitch from the overall structure of your email pitch to bullets, bold, and italics. This will improve your content’s readability. Again, I’m not the best person to give this advice so here, I summon this link from Daily Writing Tips: Email Etiquette.


#16 Do Mind Your Timing

Probably the best time to send email pitch is 8 am – 11 am on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

They also suggest not to send on Fridays.The suggested time and day is from Advisory HQ, here is the original article if you want to learn more: Best Time To Pitch Emails (Best Day To Pitch Reporter, Journalist).  It is also helpful to track their location and time zones.

While this isn’t the holy grail, the best timing to send your emails, it is important to be aware what is the best or at least the suggested time to send your emails. Most of the journalist and influential people receive hundreds of emails every day, and you might want to avoid your pitch getting deleted just like that.


#17 Do Reply Immediately

When they notice your app and reply on it, please do reply quickly. Reply quick but make it smart. This will be a test how professional and serious you are in this kind of matters. Give them anything they request to make.


#18 Do Give Some Freebies

Give include some promo codes, coupons, premium accounts, etc. You can add some freebies so that they can run some giveaways for their audience. You can also offer free premium accounts (if you have any) for them and for their audience to make sure they will experience the full features of your app.


#19 Do Thank The Journalists/Influencers

Be human.

Whatever happens, thank them. Even though the journalists or influencers reject your pitch, always find a way to thank them for taking a time to look at your pitch. You can also ask for advice and their first impression about your pitch or app but never expect them to reply.

Alternatively, you can use social media to contact them for this kind of matters. Although sometimes it’s hard to accept rejection, you can always find a silver lining. I suggest to still support their contents and keep the relationship going.



#20 Don’t Send Mass Email

Just don’t.

Have a plan for reaching out journalist and influencers then personalize it as much as you can. Remember the Do’s earlier? To know their audience, timing, and to customize your email pitch? Well, sending mass emails kills the “personalization”.

Address one-by-one then test and assess which strategy and content work best.


#21 Don’t Contact Them In Twitter Or Facebook

Using Twitter or other social media sites for pitching is slowly becoming acceptable, but I will still not gamble my shot.

The reason I said that social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are becoming the “norm” to contact and pitch journalists, influencers or authors is because it happened to me. I’ve received few direct message from Twitter and Facebook.

I’m not saying I liked, or I hated that strategy but on my case, I never actually use social media sites. Sometimes, I do miss few of them. Well, it’s coming from my personal experience, but the majority seems not to like it as they used their social media as personal and private platforms.


#22 Don’t Pitch Several Journalist From Same Publication

Follow the guidelines.

Whenever you are pitching for a particular website or blog, never pitch it on multiple contacts. Most of the time, there are guidelines for asking app review, etc. Always follow their rules to make sure they will notice your email pitch.


#23 Don’t Give False Information

My game is the most played android sports game in India! My app is used by over 9000 experts!

Never give false achievements, statistics and alike. If you have a notable success, you can always back it up with a good source. Remember to be honest and transparent to them.


#24 Don’t Use Plain Email Pitch Templates

It’s fine to use email templates if –

It’s okay to use templates if you’re using it as an inspiration to write your email pitch if you are brainstorming the format of your email pitch and if you are going to personalize it as much as you can. Be unique as much as possible.


#25 Don’t Make It All About Your App

What about your app users? Do breakdown the benefits of using your app.

The common way to pitch for app review is to list all the right things about your app. The typical thing to do is list all your app’s features and stats. Instead of going linear, you can mention how it can affect and help your chosen publication’s audience which also your potential app users.


#26 Don’t Be Boring

While you don’t need to include the joke of the year or funny gifs, you can completely avoid being boring by tweaking your writing style alone. Cut those huge chunks of text, choose better word choice, use bullets, more.


#27 Don’t Spam When Following Up Your Email Pitch

Follow up only once.

For a person who gets hundred of emails per day, you should understand that replying can take a little time longer. Sometimes it takes few days to weeks or month. When following up about your email pitch, make sure you have the right time frame. I would say a month is an excellent time frame to follow up your app review email pitch.


#28 Don’t Be Too Friendly

Is it bad? For me, yes.

There is this someone who asks me to check out his app; I do it for free cause I have a free time back then. So, he sends me the files and gives him back my analysis. After that, we have a great conversation going, and we have about 4-5 emails in total, and his last email is a wake-up call for me. He asks too much favor, and I can’t stand it anymore, so I end the exchange there and don’t reply anymore.


#29 Don’t Send Attachments

This is a golden rule for app review pitch – NEVER SEND ATTACHMENTS.

Whether it’s a press kit, a copy of your app, images like icons and screenshots, videos,  prebuild review, etc. Attachments slow journalists down as it takes a time to download instead of just clicking the links online.


#30 Don’t Just Copy And Paste Your App Description

Yep, some apps do it.

Using app description as email pitch is plain nonsense. Sending your app description and press kit to journalists/influencers isn’t going to do anything. It isn’t engaging and convincing them, not interesting and there is no sincerity. It also a sign of a spammer.



This list will make your email pitch more engaging,

Don’t be that guy who read tips and do little to nothing to improve their email pitch. Not all of the items on this list is essential but please use your common sense when reaching out some journalists. It will not only improve your chances getting featured but also leaving a good impression to them.

If you like this article, please do share and subscribe it to my email list. If you have any questions, suggestions, or another good tip for making some app review request, please feel free to use the comment section down below.

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