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Influencer Marketing For Your App: How And Why

This article is a little bit off about app store optimization but one hell of a good strategy to boost your app exposure.

So, you want to get your app featured on several websites huh? Sure, a simple press release that costs dollars for your app can do it for you in seconds but do they convert?

Let me suggest you something better to get your app featured on your best and favorite websites. It’s called Influencer Marketing, it’s not new but is very effective. It is not that simple, but once you’ve done it well, you can take your app marketing to the next level.

Note: This blog post has really bad images.

What is “Influencer Marketing” in a nutshell?

Influencer marketing, (also Influence Marketing) is a form ofmarketing that has emerged from a variety of recent practices and studies, in which focus is placed on specific key individuals (or types of individual) rather than the target market as a whole.

Don’t bother the quote above; it’s just random text from Wikipedia. The concept of influencer marketing or influencer outreach is not that much complex. The goal is to make those influential people on your niche promote your content, business, service or in our case your app or in a simple word, word-of-mouth.

Influencer Marketing in a nutshell:

Imagine you have a clothing line, what will happen if you got 50 influential Instagrammers wear the same dress in a day?

lord and taylor dress influencer app marketing

From left, Instagrammers Cara Van Brocklin (@caraloren), Rachel Lynch (@IHateBlonde) and Jessica Ricks (@hapatime). Photos via Instagram

Answer: Sold out, within the following week! That’s what happens to one of Lord & Taylor dress. A report from Marketing Land said that none of the bloggers stated that they were sponsored by Lord & Taylor and is a violation of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission guidelines for digital advertising. But let’s not get into that. Right?

How Influencer Marketing Can Help Your App Exposure?

Imagine what will happen if the same thing happens with your app. That might give you instant hundred to thousand of downloads. It can also boost your visibility in social media just like what happen in Flappy Birds madness. Everyone played it, even celebrities which also helps its app exposure. It can also give a lot of backlinks to your app store page or website if you gave one.

Alright, so you want influencers to promote your app? The reality is they won’t do it.

Your chosen influencer will not just do it, and that’s why influencer marketing exists and here is some beginners guide to using influencer marketing for your app.

Note: Influencer marketing is almost the same as blogger outreach but with slightly different approach. In the end, they still fall in the same category.

#1 Research Your Influencers

To start an influencer outreach, you need to find the right people to reach but how do you know they are the “right” person?

Influencers can communicate and is trusted by your target audience. They should be connected to your niche or topic, so their readers, subscribers, and followers can relate to your app or content when your influencer shared your content.

#2 Reach The Right Influencers

reach app marketing boost

Who are your Influencers?

Before you make any influencer marketing stuff for your app, be sure to know who are your influencers first. Some of you will assume that the most followers in your niche are the best candidate to be your influencers.

But how do you know you are approaching the right influencer?

Here is an excellent formula from Malcolm Gladwell’s famous book “The Tipping Point“:

Influence = Audience Reach (# of followers) x Brand Affinity (expertise and credibility) x Strength of Relationship with Followers

Also, being an influencer isn’t just about the number of your reach (followers, readers, audience, fans, etc.), it is about reaching the right potential users or the right people. It would be unnecessary to reach out and develop a relationship with influencers whose followers doesn’t care about your app or content.

Never confuse famous people over influential people. You can be popular but not necessarily influential.

#3 Use Some Tools

It’s not like we are living in Stone Age.

You can also use some tools to help you find influencers in your field.

Don’t just pile up a bunch of names when doing research. It is very useful if you can find some real data like followers, email, and website. Tools can take up your time, so it is advisable to use some marketing tools.

A simple Google Search can help you find influencers yet free to use, and there are plenty of free influencer tools out there. You can start with Ann Smarty’s – 10 Best Free and Freemium Influencer Marketing Tools.

#4 Connecting With Your Influencers

connect with people app marketing boost

Don’t pitch anything about your app just yet. You don’t just send a message to your influencer and expect them to promote your app; that is a total fallacy.

Never treat them like a mindless robot who will just support your app magically, deal with them as a real person and as a friend.

Once you collected some of your influencers and their data, it’s time to connect with them. Follow their social media accounts, leave a comment on their latest blog or social media post, subscribe to each newsletter, retweeting their blog posts, join their webinars and much more.

You can go further like sending a compliment email to their latest blog post, tweeting them personally, send a picture that can impress them, or even call them (yes, they are real people).

The goal is to be visible on their radar and enter their circle. The best advice I could give is: Don’t be a creep, seriously.

#5 Craft Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

People are always different from each other.

The same approach that you use on one of your influencers might not work on your other influencers. Create an excellent piece of content that will engage your influencers. Personalize your emails and any other messages.  Don’t do anything stupid like sending a stock message or depending too much on email templates.

You can also try to segment your influencers so that you can personalize more your approach. It is up to you whether to segment your influencers according to potential reach, availability, interests, activity, niche or category or even in terms of location.

It is also advisable to find where your influencer available the most. They could be most available on specific social media like Twitter, Facebook or maybe LinkedIn where most professionals prefer. Some could also be more available on emails.

#6 Contacting Your Influencers

Oh, the moment of truth.

Once you’ve felt connected or entered your influencer’s circle, it is time to take some actions and make some personal message for them. Remember not to ask right away but to take it slowly; you should make them feel special as you are building a relationship with them.

Apply your strategy and hope for the best results.

Don’t worry if they didn’t like your pitch but make sure you learn something from them.

The rule thumb is: Be honest.

Whenever you want to pitch or ask about something, always be honest, transparent and go straight to the point. Don’t try to hide your agenda. For sure, they know you are contacting them not just to be friends, so don’t try to conceal what your end game is and your true goals.

#7 Impress Your Influencer

Daniel Hebbert from suggested that you should pay your influencer for their reviews.

Many people disagree on his points but what is good about Daniel’s post is he’s eager and having fun doing rebuttals. I learn more on his comment section rather than his content because there is a lot of conversation and suggestions happening.

My take on this is instead of paying your influencer for their reviews (which may look like a sponsored post), reward or, at least, try to impress your influencers with something as valuable as your money whether it is positive or negative app review.

This may avoid confusions on both side, and there are plenty of ways to do it, simple shoutouts of your influencer’s recent posts or their business/service, suggesting them to your own audience, etc. can make a difference. You can also go with gifts like books, coupons, movie passes, and much more.

The best thing to do as app marketer is to give free copies of your app so that they can run giveaways to their audience which can benefit both of you and your chosen influencer.

#8 Grow The Relationship Further

Influencer marketing doesn’t end with one single campaign. Don’t waste the relationship you build for days or months, dumping them as soon as you get what you want is the worst thing to do. Nobody

Don’t waste the relationship you build for days or months, dumping them as soon as you get what you want is the worst thing to do. Nobody wants to feel used.

Nurture your relationship with your current influencers instead and you can also meet their few friends that might help you promote your app.

These friends can help you along the way. They can also be your app ambassador if the relationship and the trust are stronger. A bit cliche but faith can move mountains.

You can exchange emails or tweets with them. You can also voluntarily promote their website, blog, social media page or product.

Why Should You Do Influencer Marketing For Your App?

#1 It raises app exposure

raises app marketing boost

What makes influencer marketing great is it raise awareness, boost exposure and drives action for your app.

Imagine all of your friends posting about the same song at the same time. It’s very intriguing, right? And there is a good chance that you will check out what’s about that song.

Getting mentioned from different channels like social media, blog posts or app round-ups can totally boost your app’s overall exposure.

#2 There are lots of opportunities

Influencer Marketing is not new for many marketers but as the time of writing, influencer marketing is still an “arbitrage”.

Arbitrage is when you sell something cheaper than its actual worth. Arbitrage happens on few occasions like when there is a lot of supply and less demand for a certain product.

In the world of advertising, arbitrage is also a thing. One good example is when Facebook open up its own advertising network. Back in time, advertising in Facebook is a lot cheaper but as Facebook becomes popular, more and more advertisers started bidding for ad space. This results to drive the Facebook ad price up to devastating 335% in 2014.

#3 It’s native advertising

native app marketing boost

Native advertising doesn’t interrupt consumer’s experience like putting the brand or product in organic content. Some few examples of this are review articles and social media mentions. A study from Dedicated Media found that native ads are viewed 53% more than traditional ads.

Let’s simply say it is the modern word-of-mouth in steroids

The classic word-of-mouth is considered as one of the most powerful native advertising, and influencer marketing has become the newer and improved version of this, especially if done very well. Think of like influencer and blogger outreach is the successor of word-of-mouth method.

#4 It’s Effective

app marketing boost its super effective

The short answer is: It works.

According to recent research made by McKinsey Study, word of mouth marketing generates more than twice the sales of using any other form of paid advertising.

What makes it even better is that customers who have been acquired using marketing-inspired word of mouth have a 37% retention rate than customers from paid advertising. And here comes the word “retention” which is very special in the world of app marketing.

5 Bite-Sized Tips: Common Influencer Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

#1 Targeting Wrong Influencer

Failing to identify what kind of audience your influencer have may lead to some problems your app might not reach the right audience. Whether it is a blogger, columnist or web/YouTube celebrity, always research their reach, audience, or even geographical data. Don’t waste your work

#2 Ignoring Minor Influencers

While most of us will prefer an influencer with most reach, let’s not forget the fact that there are some “low-lying” influencers. They are much easier to approach and pitch for your app.

#3 Focusing On Number Of Reach Over Engagement

Wow, your target influencer will promote your app to his 1 million fans. How about that? Epic right? Actually, there is some exception to this. Campaigns aren’t solely measured by reach, and number one goal for your influencer marketing is to have high click through rate and engage as many people as possible.

#4 Forgetting To Build Relationship First

Before you them to do anything for your app. Although most of them will know where will this relationship will take, be sure to build the relationship first and earn their trust.

#5 Bad Communications

While it’s not a major mistake, most of new brands or developers out there seems to make this mistake. Having a bad communication can kill the whole influencer marketing process. Make sure you are always available to contact and reply to their messages and understand what they really mean.

If you want more, here is an article from about the influencer marketing mistakes of top 215 influencers and experts.

Where To Start?

If you need some list of sites that accepts app reviews, I think I have a good list here: Top App Review Sites. You can hunt and contact authors, contributors, or columnist out there which can help you to start gathering some good resources.

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Influencer or blogger outreach isn’t an untapped method; it’s widespread and rampant but as of writing, it hasn’t been used that much in app marketing industry. Who doesn’t want to have additional brand awareness, exposure, and conversion for their app?

Reaching out for influencers to promote your app isn’t that easy but with perseverance and a great relationship, it could be your next trump card (not Donald) in your app marketing strategy.

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