App Marketing Boost

The primary goal of App Marketing Boost is to help you boost your app’s performance, grow your metrics, build your customer relations, improve your app exposure, and theoretically earn you more revenues.

Personally, I want to create a blog where new app marketers, developers, and business owners get inspiration to grow their app. I want to give entertaining blog posts that inspire and motivates you, them, and whoever visits this blog.

About Me

Hi, I’m Carl Ojerio.The first thing you want to know about me is, unlike most bloggers, I don’t own a cat, nd I am a very very shy person.

The first thing you want to know about me is, unlike most bloggers, I don’t own a cat, nd I am a very very shy person.

Am I an expert in app marketing and app store optimization?

No, I’m not, and I’m not trying to be one! I’m just sharing what I know about it while also learning new methods and techniques.

Do I have an app in app stores?

Currently, I don’t have any published apps. I ditched them a year ago (2015) when the boom in cloning and reskinning apps gradually slows down.

I live in the Philippines and have been casually blogging since 2013. I’ve been self-studying app marketing in recent years for my own app and decided to share my “little” knowledge about it.

I started this site on June 8, 2016. With a piece of paper in my notebook, I wrote my first “mobile marketing” article and had a dream of building this blog. I currently run this blog as one-man-team, from crafting ideas and writing blog posts to promotion to SEO and SMM. Please do help me find errors on my site (grammar or links) using the contact page. I need some proofreading, my writing sucks.

Luckily, I am a coffee lover coffee virtuoso, and it helps me working through the day and night. But ignore espressos for a minute, with a cup of good coffee (a coffee mix, not brewed but for me they taste very well) only costs 10 Philippine Pesos, that is around $0.15 – $0.25! You can me a cup of coffee if you like my blog. Hmm… 🙂 Maybe? .. Some? Coffee? .. No? Naaah? Never? .. Sad. 🙁

By the way, this blog’s schedule is to post every Wednesday 4:00 A.M, but there are some problems might happen along the way so expect delays and shenanigans. I have a day job right now, 450 Philippine Pesos a day (convert that guy, LOL) so I can’t write many articles every day.

About You

What about you? I believe that we all have to be successful, so I always try to help the community whenever I am available. You can reach me on twitter or by email.

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