13 Common Technical Issues Mobile App Users Hate

Common Technical Issues App Users Hate

Why did your app users leave and abandon your app?

Your plan should focus more on app retention than app acquisition these days as it's getting more difficult than ever. Back in the earliest days of app marketing, publishers and developers focus more on acquiring new users. The problem is, most of them can't retain their users.

But why users leave? Although there could be a lot of reasons why users were abandoning your app, the most common one is something to do with some technical issues and errors. So let's check this ten common technical problems that annoy your app users.

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How To Automate Social Media Marketing For Your App Using Free HootSuite

Social Media Automation With HootSuite App Marketing Boost

Want to promote your app or game on social media?

Social media is one of the best channels to raise app awareness and to promote your app. Sadly, managing social media accounts is a time-wasting process. It requires a lot of time to update and find contents to share with your fans and audience.

Luckily, we can use this awesome social media management tool called HootSuite. Here, I made a 5 step guide to help you use and automate your social media

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10 Free Tools To Promote Your App And Game On Social Media

Free Tools To Promote Your App And Game On Social Media

Want to promoting your app on various social media sites with zero budget but don't know what the right tools are? Here, take a look at this list of no-cost tools that you can use to promote your app.

Social media marketing isn't new. Social media marketing is one of the new ways to reach out and engage more fans while also building relationship and trust with your app users. Imagine reaching those untapped target users that might be interested in using your app.

One thing, though, social media marketing isn't as easy as it looks like but luckily some few free tools can help you promote your app on social media. So let's discover ten tools to improve your app and game awareness on social media.

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30 Do’s and Don’ts When Pitching for App Review

Dos And Donts For App Review Pitch

So, you are about to send an email pitch of app review request?

Stop right there! Don't waste your shot and lower your chance getting featured on app review sites and other popular publication sites, and read this do's and don't checklist first. Check out this list to avoid making some common email pitch mistakes and to improve your overall relation with the app reviewer, journalists, and influencers.

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Google Play ASO: Why App Description Is More Important Than You Think And Might Be A Ranking Factor

Google Play App Description Ranking Factor

Does app description a ranking factor for Google Play?

Sadly, we all know that no one outside Google's spectrum knows how their search algorithm correctly works. I'm not saying we don't know a single thing about Google Play Store's current algorithm, in fact, there are full case studies about this.

Anyway, let's get to the topic and theorize why app description is an important part of your on-page app profile and might be a ranking factor or signal.

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Google Play ASO: What Is Average Length Of App Description?

Average App Description Length Google Play

Is my app description length is enough or is it too long?

App descriptions are unique in a way it can easily connect to potential app users while being informative at the same time. And that's what made me ask myself, what is the optimal or the ideal length of app description?

I'm afraid long form app description might drive the audience away. On the other hand, short content might make potential app users feel a lack of information, professionalism, and legitimacy. So, let's find out what is the average app description length of top ten apps in Google Play Store.

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